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Press Release

Stranger Danger Alert

Sent on 12/19/2014 3:19:37 PM

The Marana Police Department is investigating two recent reports of juveniles being approached by suspicious vehicles. Detectives are following up on both of these cases. The reports do not appear to be related to each other at this time. The first incident was reported on December 18th by the parents of a 10 year old boy. They reported the incident occurred on December 16, 2014 at approximately 4pm, near the intersection of Silverbell Road and Twin Peaks Road. The 10 year old boy was jogging down the side of the street when a tan/brown older model Mustang pulled up next to him. The driver asked the boy if he wanted a ride. The boy declined and the vehicle drove away. The vehicle then returned several minutes later and again asked the boy if he wanted a ride. The boy again declined. After the boy declined again, the driver yelled for the boy to get into the car. The boy became scared and ran away from the vehicle and he hid in a nearby wash. The driver of the car exited his vehicle and looked around for the boy for several minutes before returning to his car and leaving. The boy was not injured during this incident. Suspect Description: • Older model tan/brown Ford Mustang – unknown license plate • Older Black Male • Mustache • White button up shirt • Black Pants • Black Shoes Vehicle Description: • Older model tan/brown Ford Mustang • Unknown license plate The second incident occurred on December 18, 2014 at approximately 5pm, near Continental Reserve Loop and Silverbell Road. Two boys, who were playing on the sidewalk area, saw a white van park near them. The driver of the vehicle exited the vehicle and began walking toward them. The two boys became scared and ran away. The driver of the vehicle did not say anything to them and he did not attempt to grab them. The boys were not injured or harmed during this event. Suspect Description: • Older model white van with rust spots on the side • No visible license plate • White coverings over rear widows • Driver Description: • White Male • 30-40 years old • Bald head • Approximately 5’5” tall • Medium build Passenger Description: • White Male • Short brown hair • Did not exit vehicle If anyone has information that pertains to either of these cases, citizens are asked to call 911 or 88-CRIME. Stranger Danger Tips: Always walk in groups, never get in a car with strangers, always let an adult know where you will be at, report any suspicious activity to police immediately. Contact: Sgt. Chris Warren Public Information Officer Office: (520) 382-2027 Mobile: (520) 975-0621 E-Mail:


9100 N Silverbell, Tucson, AZ, United States


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