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11555 W Civic Center Dr
Marana, Arizona 85653
In the event of an emergency, dial 911.


MPD Awards Ceremony Recipients

Sent on 1/16/2015 5:32:49 PM

The Marana Police Department hosted it 3rd Annual Awards Ceremony on January 14, 2015. The ceremony recognized Officers, Civilians, and Volunteers for their outstanding performances over the past year. The ceremony opened with the Posting of Colors by the MPD Honor Guard and the singing of the National Anthem. The ceremony was a successful way to recognize the men and women of the Marana Police Department who exemplified the true meaning of our mission statement, “To provide Unparalleled Service and Unwavering Protection to every person in the Town of Marana.” Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema shared the following message: “Your attitudes of humility and hearts of true servants make me proud to be a part of this noble profession in general, and this department specifically. Thank you all for doing a job that very few people are willing, qualified, and capable of doing and for doing it with Excellence! Be safe out there.” Chief Terry Rozema presented awards to the following list of recipients: 1. Chief’s Citation Medal: Ofc. Jason Cann, Ofc. Bradley Clifford, Ofc. Daniel Sample, Ofc. Robert Quackenbush, Ofc. Lucas Wilkinson 2. Chief’s Citation Medal: Ofc. Josh Corn 3. Unit Citation Medal: Captain Roberto Jimenez, Sgt. John DeStefano, Sgt. Will Hess, Sgt. Jeff Pridgett, Ofc. Neil Jordan, Ofc. Chriswell Scott, Ofc. Jason Wilhelmsen, Ofc. Michael Rapiejko, Town Attorney Laine Sklar 4. Medal of Merit: Ofc. Adam Lawson 5. Medal of Merit: Ofc. Jeff Rowe 6. Distinguished Service Medal: Ofc. John Montgomery 7. Distinguished Service Medal: Sgt. Will Hess 8. Distinguished Service Medal: Lt. Paul Ashcraft 9. Volunteer of the Year: Jim Kletka 10. Civilian of the Year: Sheila Blevins 11. Officer of the Year: Ofc. Kevin Litten 12. Commendation Letter: Dan Bejarano – Town of Marana I.T. Department 13. Commendation Letter: Dennis Dolan – Town of Marana Operations Division #### Contact: Sergeant Chris Warren Marana Police Department Public Information Office (520) 382-2027 - Office (520) 975-0621 - Cell


11555 w civic center drive, marana, AZ, United States


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