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Press Release

DUI / Traffic Warrant Sweep

Sent on 1/20/2016 11:34:05 AM

On January 15, 2016, Marana Police Officers conducted a warrant sweep searching for subjects who had active DUI and traffic warrants issued by the Marana Municipal Court. Currently there are approximately 110 active DUI arrest warrants issued by the Marana Municipal Court. Officers arrested five absconders and served five arrest warrants. The five warrants totaled $1,834.00 in bond money, including one no bond warrant out of Marana Court. Each person located was booked into the Pima County Jail. Six additional absconders were contacted via telephone. All six of them appeared in Marana Court on January 19th and cleared their warrants. These warrants totaled $4,319.00 in bond money and one no bond warrant. In total, this warrant sweep resulted in $6,153.00 in bond money being recovered. This is the 5th warrant sweep conducted this fiscal year by the Marana Police Department. Last year the Marana Police Department conducted seven DUI warrant sweeps. Those warrant sweeps resulted in 69 arrests and over $150,000 in recovered bond money and fines. The funding for this warrant sweep came from a grant from the DUI Abatement Council. The Marana Police Department was recently awarded $15,000 in overtime funds allocated for warrant sweeps targeting subjects who have active warrants for DUI and traffic related crimes. Driving under the influence has extensive monetary, criminal and human consequences The Marana Police Department will be conducting additional warrant sweeps in the near future. Citizens are reminded they can take care of their warrants by appearing at the Marana Court during regular business hours. This allows people with warrants to avoid being arrested and booked into jail by police.


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